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General Terms

All reservations and rentals to customers are subject to our general terms and conditions. The renter agrees to return the vehicle in good condition along with all vehicle documents, accessories, and equipment to the location, date, and time agreed upon in the rental contract.



Minimum age of 25 years.


A valid driving license held for at least two years from the country of origin or an international driving license is required. A valid passport is also mandatory for renting a car.


1 day.


The duration of the rental starts and ends according to the pick-up and drop-off dates and times specified in your reservation request, the price of which will be confirmed at the time of booking and is calculated based on 24-hour units. An hour exceeding the rental period is free of charge. More than an hour delay will result in a full day being charged at the regular rate. ANY delay of more than three hours, WITHOUT PRIOR TELEPHONIC NOTICE, will be reported to the police as vehicle theft.


All traffic fines resulting from violations of Spanish traffic law are the responsibility of the renter.


All customers are required to leave a deposit of 500 euros to cover insurance exclusions, fuel, and the proper use of the vehicle for the entire duration of the contract. Note that the deposit amount will be refunded at the end of the rental period if the renter returns the car in good condition, with all the car documents and accessories, on the date, place, and time agreed upon in the rental contract. The deposit will not be returned if the car is damaged during the rental period.

Each rental agreement by default comes with an own risk of 900 euros. This own risk can be waived by purchasing a Full Collision Damage Waiver. When the own risk is waived, the deposit decreases to just 300 euros (some cars excluded; these will always maintain a deposit of 500 euros).


Payment can be made in cash or by credit card (Visa, Euro, and Mastercard) at the time of picking up the car and can only be done in the case of cash payment in EURO.


All our vehicles are insured (Third Party Liability, plus theft and damage insurance). VERY IMPORTANT: NOT covered by insurance is: damage caused by collision due to alcohol or drug abuse as well as traffic violations under the influence of the aforementioned cases.


In the event of an accident caused by the renter under the influence of alcohol/drugs/other intoxicants, the responsibility for paying for all damages lies with the Renter. You must notify the nearest police station IN THE EVENT OF AN ACCIDENT and obtain a signed POLICE STATEMENT regarding the accident. Without this report, THE RENTER may be responsible for the costs of all repairs. Also, complete information about ALL involved third parties must be included.


All prices include VAT. There is a deposit of 500 EUR for each car.


Fuel used during the rental period is not included in the rental price.


For your convenience, the delivery and collection of the car, keys, and documents can be done at your hotel, at the airport or the station or wherever you like. All necessary information for the delivery and collection of our cars to customers in the hotel must be provided at the time of reservation. Cars are delivered clean and with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank and cleaned by the renter. If the car is returned with less than a full tank of fuel, we will charge you a fee for the observed difference at a price of 2 Euro per liter. Pickups and deliveries of the car are free within the surroundings of Benidorm (Alfaz del Pi, Albir, and Altea) and Torrevieja (Orihuela Costa, Guardamar, and Ciudad Quesada). All cars delivered/collected at Alicante airport are subject to a surcharge of Euro 15.00 per delivery/collection, for cars delivered outside the Benidorm/Torrevieja area there will be a km surcharge of EURO 0.50/km.


Not applicable.


  • In case of damage to the car/loss, a damage and accident report must be completed by the driver at the end of the rental period for any potential damage to the vehicle, no matter how small. If a collision with another vehicle occurs, a police report and case number must also be provided when returning the vehicle. If this procedure is not followed, the insurance cannot be claimed, making the renter liable for all damages.
  • Please, ensure you refuel the car with the correct type of fuel.
  • The renter is responsible for any accidents or damage to the rented vehicle.
  • In case of loss of car keys, the customer will be charged EURO 200.00.
  • In the case of loss of documents (vehicle papers, rental contract), the customer will be charged EURO 350.00.
  • Rates and terms may change without notice. However, prices stated at the time of reservation are guaranteed.